New Look… Same Great People

If you follow us on Facebook – then you’ve undoubtedly noticed a few subtle (and a few not so subtle) changes happening at Perry Family Dental Care.

We Have a New Name – kind of….

  • It’s not entirely new.  Granted, for the past 3 months, we strongly considered changing our name to something entirely different (Sunnyside Family Dental had a nice ring to it…until we realized there was a cemetery next door named Sunnyside). However, after months of deliberation, we decided to follow the age-old rule of K.I.S.S. (no, not the band) and agreed to Keep It Simple.  Therefore – instead of the wide mix of names you may be familiar with (or have seen online) including ‘G.A. Perry and Associates,  Perry Gurwell & Brandt, Perry Family Dental, Greg Perry DDS & Associates, and a few other concoctions, we finally settled on


    Simple.  Clean.  Easy to Remember.

We Have a New Logo


After 20+ years of the same logo, we figured that if we were going to update the practice name, we may as well update the logo as well.  Now if you thought that coming up with a new name was a challenge, then I would venture to say that the task of finding the ‘right’ logo for our brand was almost insurmountable.  Suffice it to say we went through hundreds of designs and text formats, and in the end,  realized that we should have listened to our own advice from the name picking project.  Keep. It. Simple.   Alas – that is EXACTLY what we did. That said, I encourage you to keep a close eye on our logo over the next few weeks and months.  You just might notice it has a bit of a ‘personality of its own’!

We Have a New Mascot (see below)

  • For those of you who are saying “but I liked the owl in the old logo”, I say to you, Meet Dr. Hoo.  He’s our new mascot Owl.

We Have a New Website

  • I know what you’re thinking.  If those first two things were so difficult, how could they possibly build a website as well? The Answer: Slow and Steady! In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that its not entirely finished.   There’s undoubtedly some pages that need to be updated, pictures that are the wrong size or some text that doesn’t quite show up very well on a mobile phone.   However, the website is more of a constant work in progress.   In fact – we would LOVE to get your feedback.  What’s working? What isn’t? Does a page load too slow? Is it not readable? Is it the best thing you’ve ever seen and you just want to scream it from the hilltops?  Whatever you want to tell us, we’re listening!  Seriously.  We have an office tucked away under the staircase with a team member who spends her day watching the web and the phone awaiting your comments and concerns.

Ultimately, while a slightly new name and logo are exciting (well…they’re exciting for our marketing department…), the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you, the patient, the customer, the faithful Facebook fan, continue to receive (and expect) the SAME GREAT SERVICE!   There is nothing more important to us then you!  YOU are our lifeblood! YOU make the world go round! YOU are special…oh so special… [try getting that song out of your head now!]

So again – visit us on Facebook, take a walk through our website, and let us know how we’re doing.

owl only


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