The Results Are In…

Hello Perry Family Dental Care Nation….

Recently, we sent a mass email out to our list of patients with a survey to try and get a better idea of what we’re doing really well, where we could improve, and anything else that would continue to make our dental practice in Keene and Antrim a highly desirable option for you and your family.

Well – I’m happy to tell you that the Results Are In!

I’ll start by sharing with you what our patients REALLY LIKED about us:

  • When asked “What do you enjoy the most about our physical office space?”
    • 64% stated the our beautiful and relaxing reception area was their favorite spot
    • 22% highlighted access to our complimentary Wifi
    • And 13% of you felt that the aromatherapy and music selection truly make our offices a relaxing oasis.
  • When asked “Which of the following personality traits would you say BEST describes Perry Family Dental Care?”
    • Sincere and Sophisticated accounted for 84% of the responses!
  • When asked “What was the main factor for you when deciding to have your dental care provided by Perry Family Dental Care vs. another local dental office?”
    • 60% of the respondents stated that we came highly recommended by a current patient
    • 18% stated that our impressive list of office amenities was the tipping point!
    • 10% of the respondents felt that our 2 convenient locations in Keene and Antrim were a clear priority for them!

Of course, in the spirit of being as transparent as possible, I’ll share with you a few of the themes that came across when we asked the question, ‘What could we improve?’ or ‘What would you like to see different next time?’

  • Of the 89 responses we had to this survey, here are some of the suggestions we received (or some variation thereof)
    • 62 people responded with: Nothing.  You guys are great.  Keep on being you.
    • 10 people said “More coffee”
    • 5 people asked if we could be open on Fridays
    • 3 people asked for a different variety of magazines in the reception area
    • 2 people asked for more parking
    • 1 person asked for a Free Car!

So what does this tell us?

#1) It reminds us that we are meeting both the physical and emotional needs of our patients – and that we must continue to emphasize how important it is to have a warm, friendly and welcoming office!

#2) We’re not perfect.  There’s always room for improvement and we rely on our amazing patients to tell us when we’re not hitting the mark.

Finally – a huge thank  you to everyone who participated – and don’t forget, we’ll be raffling off that 40 Inch TV before Christmas as a thank you to everyone who chimed in!

Have a great rest of your week!



Dr. Hoo, D.D.S.
Perry Family Dental Care


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